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We are currently rebuilding the site and will have a MUCH IMPROVED website coming SOON!  Please check back for information and resources so you can Start Cheap!

New WordPress Plugin Lets You Automatically Sell Advertising Space On Your Blog

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Are you trying to find a way to generate more money from your blog or website?  Have you thought about trying to sell advertising space on your blog or website but don’t have the time to manage it?  Well, you now have a solution!

This WordPress plug-in will automate ALL of your website advertising sales!  The plug-in does everything, you just sit back and watch the PayPal payment receipts start pouring into your email.  The plug-in will take the order, take the banner information, rotate the ad if necessary and automatically rebill the customer when the advertising term is up and cancel the ad if the subscription payment isn’t received.

You determine the ad sizes, positions and subscription times and prices and it does the rest, on auto-pilot!.

Click the banner below for more information:

Promote ANY Network Marketing MLM Business With These FREE Reports

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We always say the only thing better than Cheap is FREE, and we just found another great source for more FREE information.

This site gives away over 12 different Network Marketing MLM Reports that you can use to grow your business.  You will also have the option of ADDING YOUR OWN LINKS to the Reports and giving them away yourself.  Click the banner for more information:

New Company Lets You Sell Their Domain Names And Keep The Profit

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We have just found a new company that is doing something that I have never seen before.  They are letting you sell their Premium Domain Names AND letting you keep the profit.  You get access to over 500 Premium Domain Names that you can sell for any price you want.  Do you have any idea of the cost if you wanted to register 500 domain names so you could sell them?  If you looked around you could probably find a GoDaddy Coupon that will let you register domain names for around $8 each.  Even at that great deal it would cost you over $4000 to register the domain names, plus the renewal fees every year.

This company also provides a script that you can host on your own website to run their “Domain Name Store”.  All you have to do is sit back and wait for the offers.  Then you can either accept their offer or make them a counter offer.  These domains sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars, and you get to keep all the profit.

We have arranged a special deal with the company to allow Start Cheap readers to try it for just $1.  Click the link below for more information:


New Service Offers FREE Backlinks

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We are always on the lookout for things that are Cheap that will help our business.  Well nothing is cheaper than free (unless they pay you), and we found a FREE service that will build backlinks to your site.  Backlinks are one of the most important things you need to build up your Search Engine Optimization to help your site get listed higher in the Search Engine Results.  Click on the banner below and sign up for their FREE service.  They will give you 25 FREE backlinks every day to social bookmarking sites.  All of the sites are also on their own unique class C IPs. You have nothing to lose.  Think of the time you are going to save by not having to make these bookmarks yourself every day.

Submit your<br />
content Every Day to 25 social<br />
bookmarking sites, all on unique<br />
C class IPs... FREE.

The Best FREE Affiliate Program I Have Ever Seen

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This is the Best FREE affiliate program I have ever seen.

Have you ever heard of a FREE affiliate program that will pay out their MAX commissions when you only refer 1 customer.  It doesn’t even matter how big that 1 customer is.  In fact, you are only allowed to refer 1 customer.

Click on the banner below and sign up for the FREE Affiliate Program.  Watch the 2 training videos and you will be blown away.

Best FREE Affiliate Program

Best FREE Affiliate Program

Watch and see how simple it is to generate a monthly residual income for FREE.

Start A Cell Phone Business For Just $99

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Now is your chance to get into the Cell Phone Business.  I don’t mean selling chargers and cases, I mean getting paid every month when somebody pays their phone bill, and almost everyone pays their cell phone bill.

You can get weekly residual checks, and even get your own cell phone service for free.  The more people you refer the more money you will make.  You also make money from the people that are referred by the people you refer.   This company has huge potential and really starts to grow after you have signed up a couple of people.

Although you can get started for just $99, they offer a better package for the more serious business minded for just $499.  You can earn triple the income with the larger package, and you will make money faster and easier.

You can watch all the informational videos here:

WOW Mobile

Get FREE Cell Phone Service, And Make Money When You Show Others How

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We have just joined an amazing new company that allows us to get our cell phone service free.  We are even making money showing other people how it works.

We can even use the cell phone as a wifi hotspot for our computers, and still talk on the phone at the same time.

We have created a new website full of informational videos that explains and shows everything.

Click the link below to check it out:

WOW Mobile

Connect Your Laptop To The Internet …. CHEAP

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I was recently looking for an air card for my laptop.  I set up at tradeshows, business meetings and even a flea market every now and then.  I was looking for a “pay as you go air card”, but I couldn’t find any.

I eventually found this new cell phone that lets you connect your cell phone to the internet at high speed.  The cell phone plan comes with REAL Unlimited Data Transfer.  You can actually connect 5 or more computers to the internet at the same time, and even talk on the phone while you are doing it.

Think you can convince other people what a great deal this is?  Want to get paid for it?

Check out:

WOW Mobile

There are lots of videos and other information that explains it even better than I can do here.

This is something I use and I highly recommend it.

Get Automatic Commissions With WordPress And Twitter

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I just heard from a friend about a new product that is about to launch.  I was given permission to tell my readers about the beta testing which will allow you to get in CHEAP.  I’m talking just $4.97.

This WordPress Plugin will automatically post to your blog, and the posts will have your affiliate link automatically entered.  Just set it and forget it.

The beta testers also get the Twitter version FREE.  Click the box for more information:

Just visit the site and see what they have to offer.  I bought it the second I saw it.

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