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Traffic is the “life blood” of any website.  It’s the same in the offline world.  If your store doesn’t get any traffic through the doors you aren’t going to do any business.  If you don’t get any traffic to your website you aren’t going to do any business either.  It’s also no secret that the best source of online traffic is Facebook.

All businesses should be using graphic ads on Facebook to get traffic to their site.  Unfortunately, Facebook has made it a little difficult to do that.  When you currently post an image to Facebook and someone clicks on the image they are just taken to a larger version of the image with a place to comment about the image.  Not exactly what we as business owners want.  What we want to happen is have the viewer be taken to our website after clicking on our ad.  With Social Traffic System we can do just that!

Chances are you were brought to this post from the clickable image we placed on Facebook.  This shows you that we actually use the products that we promote, and they WORK!

We can’t say enough about how powerful this Social Traffic System is!  Click the box below to be taken to the website to learn even more about the power of this software!

Add YOUR Review Or Informational Video To Other People’s Product Pages That You Are Promoting

Are you tired of hardly making any affiliate sales after finding an amazing product to promote?  Want to tell your potential customers how great the products are but don’t want to build a website or blog about every product out there?  Well, there is finally a solution: Video Takeover!

Video Takeover allows you to place YOUR review or informational video over any sales page you want to promote.  And, it does this QUICKLY and EASILY!  If you are having trouble getting traffic don’t worry.  The training that comes with this video sales software also includes training on how to get FREE traffic day after day.  This software and training was created by one of the TOP AFFILIATE MARKETERS in the world that does well over 6 figures.

What are some of the things this Affiliate Video Software System can do?

  • Add review videos and bonus videos to ANY page you’re promoting
  • Stream a LIVE Google Hangout on someone ELSE’S sales page
  • Add scarcity timers to your affiliate links
  • Retarget ANYONE who clicks on your affiliate link
  • Host everything on a cloud based platform so you don’t have to host anything
  • “Legally” Hijack other people’s sales pages
  • Copy the Programmer’s campaign that made him over $8K in one day
  • Provide you with a 24/7 Support Desk and Training
  • Unlimited usage and NO MONTHLY FEE!
  • BONUS:  Additional Affiliate Software to really start making the big bucks

Just click on the image below for more information on this POWERFUL Affiliate Video Marketing System!

Save Big With Lifetime Subscriptions To Services That Normally Charge Monthly Fees

In order to stay on top of the online business world you need to keep your Internet Marketing Toolbox up to date with the newest technology and software for advertising and marketing your online business.  Most of these tools aren’t cheap and even more of them require a monthly subscription fee that can really take a chunk out of your monthly profits.  If you do find one that is inexpensive it probably won’t work for long or continue to be updated.  We completely understand why businesses require monthly subscription fees to keep their software up to date.

If their software or service integrates with another software or service it will need to be continually updated to work with the most recent version of the other product.  WordPress is the best example of this.  WordPress is continuously updated with new features and security measures.  If a business is providing a WordPress related product like a Theme or Plugin they will need to continually work on their product to keep it current and working with the latest version of WordPress.  Facebook and Twitter are also constantly making tweaks to their platforms that require providers to update their products.

Start Cheap has found an AMAZING new service that negotiates great lifetime subscription deals to services that normally charge a monthly fee for.  They are able to get these deals for their customers because of the buying power they bring to the provider.  We always kind of consider it like a “kickstarter” program for a some amazing internet marketing and advertising products and services for online businesses.  They are constantly adding one or two deals per week.  Just click the image below to check out the amazing offers they have going on now.

When you click the banner below it will take you to the homepage which shows their latest deal.  Click the Browse button at the top of the page to see all of the deals they are currently offering.  Also, they don’t run false scarcity.  When the timer is up or the number of codes is used up the deal is over.

If You ACTUALLY Want To Make Money As A JVZOO Affiliate You NEED This Software!

Are you maximizing your income as a JVZOO affiliate?  If you are just sending traffic to JVZOO offers and hoping for a commission then you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.  You might even have a squeeze page set up to try to capture email addresses before they go to your affiliate link.  How many people do you think stop there because they don’t want to get put on yet another email list and get more emails about every launch that comes out.  This is even assuming they give you their real email address.

Even if you do get their real email address most email lists are broken into two categories:  real buyers and freebie seekers.  The bad thing is, you don’t know who belongs on each list, until now.  This brand new, powerful JVZOO affiliate software finally gives you the information you need to build a BUYERS LISTS and see how successful your affiliate promotions really are!

Affiliate Trax has just been created and gives JVZOO affiliates the tools, training and information they need to become successful in their internet marketing careers.  Just click the image below and start making serious money as a JVZOO affiliate.

If you haven’t heard of BitCoin by now you must have been living under a rock.  BitCoin is digital currency and many believe this is the future of financial transactions online and may even move to offline purchases in the future.  There isn’t enough room in this short post do give you the full history of BitCoin and digital currencies, but we can tell you a CHEAP and FREE way to get some FREE BITCOIN!

BitCoin is stored in “online wallets”.  These wallets have a string of numbers attached to them, kind of like a serial number or account number.  By just using these account numbers all information stays anonymous.  Staying anonymous is what attracts many people to the world of BitCoin and digital currencies.  They are completely unregulated by any country or financial institution.  However, you still need to set up a Wallet.

When we were ready to start getting involved in BitCoin we searched for the best place to get our Wallet.  We determined that Coinbase had the best offer we could find.  When you open an account and fund it with just $100 they will give you a $10 BitCoin bonus.  That is like making 10% interest on your money almost instantly.  You don’t need to fund your account to open a Wallet but you won’t get the FREE BITCOIN if you don’t.

When you are ready to open a BitCoin wallet just visit:

Watch Your Visitors & Business Grow With This Viral Facebook Contest Software

If you do any type of advertising or marketing then you know that Facebook is almost considered the “center of the advertising universe”.  Facebook makes SOOO much money it is ridiculous!  Facebook makes almost all of it’s money from selling advertising.  With every business wanting to advertise there it is driving the cost through the roof.  It is way to expensive for small businesses to advertise on Facebook.  The trick is to get people to “advertise” for you by sharing and liking your posts and pages.  This is “viral advertising” and is the Holy Grail of Facebook Advertising.

Most people won’t share your information out of the kindness of their heart.  They need to know “what is in it for them”.  This is why contests are so popular!  If you give someone a chance to win something they are more inclined to share your information.  Setting up a Facebook contest used to be VERY hard to setup and run.  Keeping up with Facebook’s never ending rule changes can also be difficult.  Break them and you could get your advertising or personal account shutdown, maybe permanently.

Now even small businesses with little to no advertising budget can run viral contests on Facebook with a simple piece of software call Click Back Rewards.  We could go on and on saying what a simple, powerful and CHEAP piece of software this is but click the link below for more information.

Do you offer social media or website services?  Need Leads?  Well, we got them.

How would you like to contact people and businesses who have just bought a new domain name for their business?  You know they are serious about their business because they just invested the money and time needed to research and invest in a domain name.  Right after they get their domain name they are usually really excited and ready to go with their new business venture.

This is the perfect time to offer your services to people that need them immediately!  Using Fresh Domain Leads you can get fresh social media, website, SEO and app building service FRESH LEADS on a daily basis.  People and businesses that are ready to pay for your services to help them build their businesses and websites!

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Add Instant Content And Authority To Your Website For FREE

There isn’t really a lot that needs to be said here.  Everyone wants more content and more authority for their blogs.  Everyone want FREE tools that will help you build your business.  Use this FREE plugin to increase the leads and customers that visit your website.

Just click the banner below and download the FREE plugin that will give you FREE Content and Authority for your website and watch your business EXPLODE!  The short video will explain everything!

30 Day FREE Trial

Today should be the day when you throw away all your different tools that you have acquired over the years to help your social media marketing.

I bet you have tools for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter & Youtube?
How much time do you spend with each tool setting up your marketing campaigns? 1 hour per tool? that’s maybe six hours per day

Or even worse, you have only 1 or 2 tools and you manually set up your campaigns, well then you probably don’t have enough time in the day to market to them all do you?

If you are not marketing to all those social sites then you are losing out.

What if I told you, that if you where to market to all six of them, then you would have the potential to reach 4.5 billion users! (yes I did say billion).

Pretty mind blowing right…

But if you are a busy marketer then you have so much else to do.

There is just not enough time in the day to take care of all your marketing needs and manually do each different promotion for each different network.

Well today this problem is solved, using SociHub you can fill in a single post and it would be built and formatted for each of the six networks. You can then post to those six networks directly, or schedule them for the future. (You could set your posts for the next week, next month or even next year!).

Just think how much time that would free-up for you. Not only time, but how much more money would you make being able to market to those 4.5 billion users day-in and day-out on almost complete  auto-pilot

You are going to make much more money marketing to all those users, just watch how easy it is by clicking on the banner below

This amazing lifetime access offer is only available during the short time limited launch period after which it will revert to a monthly recurring service.

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