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If you haven’t heard of BitCoin by now you must have been living under a rock.  BitCoin is digital currency and many believe this is the future of financial transactions online and may even move to offline purchases in the future.  There isn’t enough room in this short post do give you the full history of BitCoin and digital currencies, but we can tell you a CHEAP and FREE way to get some FREE BITCOIN!

BitCoin is stored in “online wallets”.  These wallets have a string of numbers attached to them, kind of like a serial number or account number.  By just using these account numbers all information stays anonymous.  Staying anonymous is what attracts many people to the world of BitCoin and digital currencies.  They are completely unregulated by any country or financial institution.  However, you still need to set up a Wallet.

When we were ready to start getting involved in BitCoin we searched for the best place to get our Wallet.  We determined that Coinbase had the best offer we could find.  When you open an account and fund it with just $100 they will give you a $10 BitCoin bonus.  That is like making 10% interest on your money almost instantly.  You don’t need to fund your account to open a Wallet but you won’t get the FREE BITCOIN if you don’t.

When you are ready to open a BitCoin wallet just visit:

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