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If You ACTUALLY Want To Make Money As A JVZOO Affiliate You NEED This Software!

Are you maximizing your income as a JVZOO affiliate?  If you are just sending traffic to JVZOO offers and hoping for a commission then you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.  You might even have a squeeze page set up to try to capture email addresses before they go to your affiliate link.  How many people do you think stop there because they don’t want to get put on yet another email list and get more emails about every launch that comes out.  This is even assuming they give you their real email address.

Even if you do get their real email address most email lists are broken into two categories:  real buyers and freebie seekers.  The bad thing is, you don’t know who belongs on each list, until now.  This brand new, powerful JVZOO affiliate software finally gives you the information you need to build a BUYERS LISTS and see how successful your affiliate promotions really are!

Affiliate Trax has just been created and gives JVZOO affiliates the tools, training and information they need to become successful in their internet marketing careers.  Just click the image below and start making serious money as a JVZOO affiliate.

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