Watch Your Visitors & Business Grow With This Viral Facebook Contest Software

If you do any type of advertising or marketing then you know that Facebook is almost considered the "center of the advertising universe".  Facebook makes SOOO much money it is ridiculous!  Facebook makes almost all of it's money from selling advertising.  With every business wanting to advertise there it is driving the cost through the roof.  It is way to expensive for small businesses to advertise on Facebook.  The trick is to get people to "advertise" for you by sharing and liking your posts and pages.  This is "viral advertising" and is the Holy Grail of Facebook Advertising.

Most people won't share your information out of the kindness of their heart.  They need to know "what is in it for them".  This is why contests are so popular!  If you give someone a chance to win something they are more inclined to share your information.  Setting up a Facebook contest used to be VERY hard to setup and run.  Keeping up with Facebook's never ending rule changes can also be difficult.  Break them and you could get your advertising or personal account shutdown, maybe permanently.

Now even small businesses with little to no advertising budget can run viral contests on Facebook with a simple piece of software call Click Back Rewards.  We could go on and on saying what a simple, powerful and CHEAP piece of software this is but click the link below for more information.

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